Welcome Dinners

What do new home owners, vacationers, second home residents, business meeting or conference attendees all have in common? An empty fridge!


Event Catering

Chef’s Palette is available for your on-site catering needs. We offer from a full range of catering possibilities from which to choose.


Special Events

It’s called a special event for one reason; it’s special. Chef’s Palette is the number one choice for special events. We can create what no one else can.


In-home Meal Preparation

Anyone can benefit from a personal chef’s service. Did you know that back in 2009, the average household in Reno spent over $3,500 a year just in eating out?


Chef's Palette

Creative and Innovative Personal Chef Services

Chef’s Palette  introduces a fresh approach to the home dining experience. Offering a wide variety of services designed to meet the specific needs of each client, Chef’s Palette is a unique way to enjoy a private meal at home or create an impressive and memorable event.

No two people have the same sense of taste, so why do so many establishments only serve from a select menu? Here at Chef’s Palette, we thrive on individualization. Each client receives a free consultation to develop their unique flavor profile. From there, meals are designed to offer the best experience possible.

Special needs diets are always welcome. From the familiar to the extraordinary, Chef’s Palette can do it all!